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Laboratory SOP-based Learning

  • IC Matrix:

    • Editors: Danna Flood; MJ Humphries; Andrea von Lieven
    • Contributing Authors: Jacques Desmotes; Danna Flood; Renee Holt; Margaret McCluskey; Denise Urness (Schwartzkopf); Carl Verlinde; Dani Vooijs
    • Web Development Team: Pascal Py; Yan Corneille; Laurent Richard; Marc Breitler
  • Protocol-based learning (PBL)

    • Editors: Jonathan Fuchs; Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl; Rebecca Sheets; Cecilia Morgan
    • Contributing Authors: Cristine Cooper; Janice Darden; Marnie Elizaga; Mary Enama; Scharla Estep; Danna Flood; Jonathan Fuchs; Renee Holt; Denny Kim; Jennifer Lam; Margaret McCluskey; Zoe Moodie; Sheila Peel; Vicky Polonis; Rebecca Sheets; Raif Wagner; Margaret Wecker
    • Web Development Team: Pascal Py; Yan Corneille; Marc Breitler, Laurent Richard; Alain Meystre; Andre Traunecker
  • Article-based learning (ABL)

    • Contributors: Nathalie Debard; Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl
  • Immunology Online (IOL)

    • Nathalie Debard
    • Georg Hollander
    • Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl
    • Christophe Mueller
    • Anne-Lisa Wohlwend
    • Hans Acha-Orbea
    • Beat Imhof
    • Kathy McCoy
    • Veronica Pochanke
    • Katja Fink
    • Beatrice Senn
    • Nicola Harris
    • Andrew Macpherson
    • Tobias Junt
    • Janice Darden
    • Jim Lane
    • Michelle Rossier

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