OCTAVE (the Online Collaborative Training for AIDS Vaccine Evaluation project) is a web-based training initiative involving contributors from the HVTN, HSeT, and the NIH and other institutions committed to developing and testing preventive vaccines for HIV/AIDS.

Started in September 2004, this collaborative project brought together representatives from multiple organizations that recognized the need for learning tools to support investigative teams from the developing world. OCTAVE uses innovative approaches to teach content in high priority areas including HIV pathogenesis, Laboratory Methodology, Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Vaccinology, and Trial Conduct. To make learning highly interactive and to track progress, OCTAVE uses a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS has a number of functions such as note taking, an extensive glossary, a forum, and self-assessment quizzes. Access to course materials from partner organizations and from recent blended-learning workshops is also provided.

The OCTAVE Project is grateful for the generous support of the NIH Office of AIDS Research, HVTN, IAVI, the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, and the EuroVacc Foundation. In addition, the Project is thankful for the dedicated efforts of the Lausanne, Switzerland-based e-Learning Core Team at HSeT (the Health Sciences eTeaching) Foundation.

Last update: Sunday, May 22, 2011
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